True Leadership Skills? It Comes Down to One Word
Marcel Schwantes — Founder and Chief Human Officer of Leadership from the Core — asserts that leaders who value and exemplify humility have an edge over those that don’t. "With humility comes admitting mistakes, taking the road less traveled, and putting yourself in the passenger seat from time to time while coaching others as they take the lead," Schwantes writes. To this end, he details five ways of mastering the art of humility. Number one, self-reflect. This entails regularly allocating time to ruminate on the past few weeks, reflecting on what you had control over, what you worried about, and what strengths you were able to possess. Two, adopt a team-first attitude. After all, humility entails focusing less on the "me" and more on the "we."
Three, exercise vulnerability. Leaders need to recognize that it’s OK to admit they don’t know everything, or that someone else may know more than they do on a given subject. “We all have different strengths,” he writes. Consequently, leaders should be open to new experiences, to taking risks, and leaning on their support staff. Four, "listen to learn." Try not to walk into so many meetings and conversations with an agenda, but instead approach such situations like it’s improv. Finally, Schwantes urges leaders seeking humility to "make mistakes a positive." Mistakes are fundamentally part of the journey of every leader.
Inc. Magazine (11/01/19) Schwantes, Marcel
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