Transforming Negativity Into Positive Opportunities
Forbes Coaches Council member Johanna Wise compiled a list of tips for leaders who are looking to turn negativity into something that can actually help both them and their teams. One tip is to focus on those things that are in your control when negativity threatens to derail a project or interaction. Also, the article’s author says leaders should "exit stage left" in certain instances to avoid negativity when leading a group. In other words, when a conversation enters a negative space, either "redirect it or remove yourself from the situation" and go elsewhere – to the bathroom, to get a glass of water, etc.

A third suggestion is to "let it out and let go." For those leaders who want to expel angry energy from their systems away from their colleagues, suggestions range from screaming into a pillow to writing in a journal to crafting an angry letter that you never send. Meditation can also be helpful. Wise also advises leaders to know their triggers and work on them. Ask yourself: "Why did I react this way?" and "When have I felt this way before?" Finally, Wise urges leaders to "surround yourself with positivity and compassion" and "be an agent for positivity." When something bad happens, the best decision makers are able to transform negativity into positivity and use that energy to rise above.
Forbes (08/15/19) Wise, Johanna
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