Combat Procrastination, Based on Your Personality Type
Many people struggle with procrastination. A key to combating it might be figuring out what personality type you are. Dr. Linda Sapadin, a licensed psychologist, details six different styles of procrastination that people tend to exhibit, broken down by personality type. First is the perfectionist procrastinator who pays way too much attention to details. Perfectionists are advised to banish the "shoulds" from their vocabulary and substitute them with "coulds,” says Sapadin. “Instead of imposing unnecessary pressure on yourself, it’s more like you have a choice,” she says. The second type is the dreamer procrastinator. This person doesn't pay enough attention to details. For these folks, specificity is how they can best tackle procrastination. Then there are the worrier procrastinators, who too often allow "overthinking" tendencies to take over their behavior.

Opposite of the worrier is the crisis-maker. They are typically the ones who wait until the very last minute to do things, and they justify it by saying things like, "I can't get motivated until the end." A fifth personality type that Sapadin details is "The Defier," of whom there are two types: those who refuse to do things because they resist succumbing to expectations, and those who say they'll do something but just don't. The latter definitely tends to create more anger in team settings. Finally, we have the pleaser procrastinator, who hates disappointing people and finds it hard to say "No." Consequently, they often end up juggling more than they can handle. Pleasers need to learn to be comfortable asking for help and accepting that they will not be able to do everything.
Fast Company (08/08/19) Horton, Anisa Purbasari
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