What Top-Performing Organizations Have in Common
Association leaders thinking about restructuring often look to other member organizations to see what they're doing right and what has set them up for success. What most are really looking for are potential best practices they can mirror within their own organizations. After many years of working with high-performing associations spanning numerous sectors, McKinley's researchers endeavored to discover common practices and themes that correlate with consistently high member satisfaction and meaningful impact on the organization’s profession or industry. They narrowed their study down to 11 successful organizations based on three key performance indicators (or KPIs): member satisfaction, the value members receive compared to the cost of dues, and Net Promoter Score®.
McKinley recently released the results of this study in a report titled, "The DNA of Top-Performing Member Organizations." The team found that the best associations practice leadership in action, are grounded in member service, and invest in strategy to drive success. In addition to those three top priorities, the researchers discovered several innovative ideas within the participating associations. Chiefly, across all 11 interviews, participants stressed the importance of cultivating a healthy relationship with board members in order to foster trust and drive success. Also, they underscored the impact that strong relationships with volunteer leaders and staffers have on collaboration, stressing the need to promote critical conversations and support cohesive decisions. One other commonality the 11 organizations shared is the ability of leadership to acknowledge setbacks and turn them into lessons learned.
McKinley Advisors (05/01/2019) Wood, Abby
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