How Serving on a Board Can Impact Your Career
Author Amanda Brinkman, who serves on the Forbes Communications Council, recently detailed several ways that nonprofit board experience can help with professional development and open up new career opportunities. First, board service is excellent for developing team leadership skills. To this end, the article’s author recommends leading a committee.

Second, board service can also help you learn to think more like a CEO, especially in cases where your board seat allows you to learn the perspectives of C-suite leaders via your advisory role. “You will learn everything from helping set the organization’s vision to developing the strategy to get there,” Brinkman writes. A third way nonprofit board experience pays off is in mastering budgets. After all, as a board member, you will be responsible for the organization's financial health.
Four, serving on a nonprofit board will undoubtedly expand your network and broaden your thinking. Gaining different perspectives from people of diverse backgrounds will enrich one’s professional life in multiple ways. Finally, nonprofit board service will go a long way in helping you identify your strongest skills. Jumping in and trying new and unfamiliar things can help you learn what you enjoy and what you are good at — two important things to know that might not be obvious to you otherwise. "Serving on a nonprofit board can provide clarity," Brinkman concludes. It will make you a “stronger and more confident leader in your day job.”
Forbes (05/28/19) Brinkman, Amanda
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