The 7 Critical Skills of Successful Strategic Thinkers
Strategic thinkers are able to see the big picture, identify the potential impact of their decisions, and lead the way to desired end results. The article's author details the seven traits that define all such thinkers, starting with vision. Strategic thinkers have always been able to create and stick to a very clear visioning process. Two, strategic thinkers recognize that vision should be carefully embedded within a framework. They define their objectives and develop an action plan with goals separated into tasks that are measured. Three, the best strategic thinkers understand the world from multiple perspectives. To this end, they listen, hear, and "read between the lines." A fourth trait of strategic thinkers is assertiveness. They are good at decision-making, defend their points of view without belittling others, convince without force, and are easily followed.

Trait five is flexibility. In this regard, strategic thinkers routinely seek the advice of others, are humble enough to be open to outside ideas, and flexible enough to twist and shape their ideas and framework to achieve the desired vision. Six, strategic thinkers are able to balance their emotions in such a way that always favors the achievement of the organization's ultimate goals. Finally, there is patience. Strategic thinkers know that achievement is often a long-term process.
Forbes (02/05/19) Cantero-Gomez, Paloma
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