3 Bad Habits Association Leaders Should Avoid
The article's author details three bad habits that association leaders must avoid. The first is "getting too comfortable," which prevents an organization from evolving with the times. Regardless of what industry an association serves, change is inevitable. To stay relevant, both the organization and its leadership must be proactive, not reactive. That means leaving one's own comfort zone.
The second bad habit to break is "brushing off your successes." Way too often, when something positive happens, the celebration is only a momentary one and then it’s on to the next thing. “If it’s an organizational achievement, post about it on social media or write a blurb about it in your newsletter. Get your members excited and keep that momentum going,” the author writes. Conversely, when something bad happens or when a goal is not achieved, the tendency is to dwell on it for days, weeks, even months. “This is one you need to break, not only for your own personal happiness, but for your members’ happiness as well,” the author states.
A third bad habit is "not leveraging your network.” Make a sincere effort to better leverage your membership network in 2019 by asking them for input via a series of surveys throughout the year. “Are you regularly asking for input and suggestions? Chances are, not as much as you could be,” the author writes. Connections are powerful and are one of an association’s major value propositions, so association leaders should be sure to leverage theirs.
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