5 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking
In overcoming a fear of public speaking, the article's authors offer five tips. First, "be prepared." This means knowing your material so well that you don’t have to even think about it. It also means making sure all the logistics are set well in advance. "You want to be relaxed and focused, not scrambling to get the audio working," write columnists Mark Bonchek and Mandy Gonzalez. Tip two, "be real." The chances that someone will stand up and boo you in the middle of your speech are pretty slim. But if, for example, you have 100 slides for a 30-minute talk, your fear of running out of time is quite real. You'll need to cut some material. Being prepared and being real can help turn down the noise on your fears. The next three tips will help you turn up the volume on your confidence.

Tip three is to "be vulnerable." Bonchek and Gonzalez write, "Our vulnerability can be our greatest strength. The way to connect with an audience is by being human." This means allowing your audience to get to know you. You won't be able to connect with attendees if they are not connecting with you. "Be present" is tip number four. Just because you are physically onstage doesn’t mean you’re all there. You must be fully present if you have any hope of making a real connection. Do something beforehand that makes you present, whether it’s exercise, sight-seeing, a deep breathe, or something to clear out the mental fog. Finally, "be generous." "There’s a message you want your audience to walk away with," the authors conclude. "Maybe it's an insight, an inspiration, a direction, or an experience." Share it with them.
Harvard Business Review (02/23/18) Bonchek, Mark; Gonzalez, Mandy
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