The Search for "Aha!" Moments
Matt Goldman co-founded Blue Man Group in 1988. The off-Broadway show became a worldwide sensation known for its humor, blue body paint, and wild stunts. The production works on the premise that certain conditions can create "aha! moments" — moments of surprise, learning, and exuberance — that are frequent and intentional instead of random and occasional. These principles can also work in improving dynamics and performance in the association boardroom. During a recent TED Talk, Goldman said the key to creating “aha!” moments — whether it’s in the boardroom or on the stage — is to establish an environment where people treat each other just a little bit better, with just a little bit more respect and consideration than in the outside world. "Over time, I've come to identify the optimal conditions for these types of creative and innovative environments are clear intent, purpose and passion," he stated. “This is working on something bigger than ourselves.”

To create these conditions, Goldman cites several keys, including personal integrity, which he defines as doing what we say we're going to do and being our authentic self in all interactions. Also important are direct communication and clear expectations, even when the subject matter is difficult. Other key qualities in creating aha! moments include: grit and perseverance, establishing collaborative teams where "everyone on the team is in," and embracing multiple perspectives. All voices must matter, and disagreements must be addressed head-on so that all constituents feel seen and heard. Taking risks and celebrating mistakes is another key. Finally, Goldman concludes, "Speak in one voice. This is perhaps the glue that holds all these conditions together."
Ted Talks (02/01/18) Goldman, Matt
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