Improve Your Communication with Anyone
Effective communication builds connections and can lead to greater understanding, camaraderie, and success. By contrast, bad communication can create uncertainty and damage an organization. Communication skills are essential to success in business and life, and the article's author details three such skills that can change outcomes and positively impact relationships. The first is to "pause and pay attention." Pausing enables leaders to give their full attention and really listen to what those around them are trying to say. Pausing and paying attention is particularly helpful whenever conversations turn tense and adversarial.

The second way to improve communications with anyone is to "clarify and validate." When one is listening to someone else, it's important to resist the temptation to get defensive, explain or justify. Consequently, clarifying and validating instead quickly improves communication because most people assume a rebuttal, correction, or justification is coming. Finally, one should observe nonverbal communication to gain a deeper understanding of the other person's message. Human beings communicate not only with words, but with tone, facial expressions and body language. Whether it is with a work colleague, another association member, or even a friend or family member, these three skills will help your conversation be more effective.
Huffington Post (11/24/17) Miller, Susie
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