Improve Your Communication Skills
Communicating clearly is one of the most effective skills one can cultivate as a leader. The article's author details many ways decision-makers can improve their communication skills. One is to learn the basics of nonverbal communication such as proper posture and good eye contact. Two, know that sometimes you must over-communicate just to communicate. Three, don't become dependent on visual aids. Instead, use words, compelling storytelling and nonverbal cues to get your points across to an audience. Four, request honest feedback from peers, managers and team members to discover areas for improvement that you might have otherwise overlooked. Five, don't be afraid to engage one's audience in discussion. Six, begin and end your presentation with key points to ensure the audience understands your intended key takeaways. Seven, consider using the PIP (purpose, importance, preview) approach in your introductions.

An eighth tip is to record important presentations for posterity. Such platforms as Wistia and Zoom enable speakers to record themselves delivering a presentation and then edit the video to make it more engaging. Nine, and this is a hard one for some, master the art of timing. Great communicators can feel out their audience to know when to move on to a new topic or reiterate an idea. Ten, get comfortable speaking "extemporaneously." Attorneys who argue big cases will often write down a series of topics they intend to discuss, but not memorize what they will say word for word. This method allows them to hit the important points, while leaving flexibility as to how to communicate based on audience reaction. Eleven, take the time, if possible, to get to know your audience. Twelve, add novelty to improve audience retention. This might be introducing a humorous image or something that simply catches people off-guard. Thirteen, focus on earning respect instead of laughs. Finally, "listen more than you talk." This is a key piece of advice entrepreneur Richard Branson often tells business people who want to connect with others.
Entrepreneur (09/20/17) Patel, Deep
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