The Science of Goals
The science of motivation can help organizations finish what they start, whether it’s minor tasks or major initiatives. Findings from behavioral science suggest that teams can improve in this regard if they conceptualize their goals more effectively, design incentives to boost instead of quash motivation, and use relationships more strategically.

A helpful tactic is to construct a goal out of sub goals. "With each step forward," the article's author writes, "we can feel as though we're advancing toward future successes and away from past failures." To this end, annual goals can often be best achieved by setting monthly markers along the way. To reach a goal for a given week, outline daily tasks that will get the group closer to the desired end result.

Finally, the author says to "embrace competition." Pressure from elsewhere can spur individuals, as well as an entire organization, on to achieve their goals. The author says “good-old competition” is more effective than encouragement.
Chicago Booth Review (02/23/17) Walton, Alice G.
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