Are You a Giver, Taker or Matcher?
In every organization, psychologist Adam Grant states, there are three basic kinds of people: takers, givers and matchers. Grant surveyed more than 30,000 people across a number of different industries worldwide and found that a majority (56 percent) are actually "matchers," or those who try to achieve as even a balance between give and take as possible. In a recent Ted Talk, Grant broke down those three personality types and offered simple strategies to promote an overall "culture of generosity." Grant has spent a lot of time in various workplaces and has learned that "takers" are the most self-serving of the three. For them, nearly every interaction is about "What can you do for me?" The opposite is a "giver," who approaches most situations with the mindset, "What can I do for you [or the group]?"

Organizations need to realize that givers are their most valuable people, so leaders must protect them from burnout. They should also look to create an organizational culture where "help-seeking is the norm," Grant states. The best givers should be instructed that it is okay for them to receive, too, whether it is help from others or incentive reward. It's also important to provide a framework for givers to lend their time and talents. Some organizations are stocked with frustrated givers who would love to step up if they only knew exactly where the areas of need are. Finally, practice effective team building. This doesn't mean staffing your group with only givers. Grant concludes, "It's about weeding out the takers. If you can do that well, you'll be left with givers and matchers."
Ted Talks (11/30/16) Grant, Adam
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