Important Qualities of “Type B” Personalities
Travis Bradberry, co-author of “Emotional Intelligence 2.0,” highlights key attributes of individuals with Type B personalities and suggests that people who fit the Type B profile can ultimately be just as productive and successful as those considered Type A. The bias that people with Type B qualities are lazy or indifferent, Bradberry says, dates back to the origin of the Type A/Type B paradigm. In reality, however, Type B was simply used to label anyone who wasn’t considered Type A.

Bradberry says the traits that accurately characterize Type B personalities oftentimes allow them to achieve and prosper, and serve important functions in the workplace and within organizations. Unlike Type As, for example, Type Bs do not feel like they have to be perfect, which means they are likely to be more comfortable recognizing their own weaknesses. They tend to be supportive and collaborative, rather than critical or impatient. They also typically refrain from jumping to conclusions, and instead take time to analyze all the facts before making a decision. Bradberry says that Type B individuals can be highly goal-oriented, but tend to be quieter and less assertive about their aspirations than Type As. (01/04/17) Bradberry, Travis
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