Doing Things Fast and Well
Organizational processes, communications and human interactions in the world are speeding up and demanding more from all of us. For volunteer-governed associations, time takes on even greater significance as board members seek to balance their important duties with demanding careers.

Authors Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman tackled the speed versus quality dynamic through an extensive assessment involving thousands of business leaders across the world. Following careful analysis, the authors identified seven unique techniques that seek to combine these two seemingly contradictory goals. Among the findings: Provide clear strategic perspective — absolute clarity about one's vision and direction yields a strategy that can be translated into meaningful objectives. Set stretch goals and maintain high standards — stretch goals increase effort while high standards help drive quality outcomes. Communicate powerfully — when people understand where they are going, both speed and quality increase; conversely, misinformation and confusion cause errors and hinder progress. Have the courage to change — the ability to master high quality with fast execution opens the door to new initiatives and innovation.
Harvard Business Review (11/16/16) Zenger, Jack; Folkman, Joseph
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