Three Reasons Attitude Is More Important Than Aptitude
Business consultant Gordon Tredgold makes a case for the importance of attitude in professional settings, and outlines three factors. First, he asserts, “It's easier to train aptitude than attitude.” When individuals hold a positive attitude toward new things, they tend to be both more adaptable and more motivated. This makes them more open to learning new skills at the onset, and then, with sufficient effort, those new skills can be learned and mastered relatively quickly.

Two: “Attitude can impact overall performance.” When someone has a negative attitude, he says, getting them to assimilate into a given organization can be a non-starter, and he cautions that the result is oftentimes someone who ends up clashing with the culture of the organization, disrupting teamwork, and even causing unrest among others. Finally, Tredgold writes, “The right attitude can help overcome obstacles.” Companies and associations alike are always going to face challenges and difficult times and it's in these moments, he says, that qualities like determination, tenacity and resilience go a long way. (08/24/16) Tredgold, Gordon
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