Expert Tips for More Impactful Meetings
Forbes Coaches Council offers 14 tips for successfully facilitating meetings that people “actually want to attend.” A few of the expert ideas especially relevant to association boards include: Make the meeting actionable by sending participants an agenda and other materials ahead of time and asking people to prepare. That way, the actual meeting time can focus on the actions and decisions that need to be made in order to move a project or agenda forward. Cater to different learning styles in order to make the most of your board members’ varying talents, strengths and communication styles, and more effectively create an environment that is inclusive and encourages optimum participation. In addition to discussion, provide visuals, handouts and other interactive elements.

Give everyone time to think is another effective tactic for boards. When important issues are brought to the floor, some people need more time to think about their responses than others. Allowing even one to two minutes for attendees to jot down notes before having a meaningful discussion is likely to garner more thoughtful input from a broader variety of board members. Start with the end in mind. At the onset of any meeting, make the objective for coming together clear. Typically, one sentence instead of a lengthy introduction will suffice. Try, “At the end of this meeting we will decide...” or “We are here to generate and evaluate options for...” as effective starting points.
Forbes (06/30/16)
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