Nine Things Enormously Productive People Refuse to Do
Ever wonder why some people are more productive than others? According to consultant Lolly Daskal, there are certain things super-productive people refuse to do that may be freeing them to accomplish more. First, she says, they refuse to pursue perfection. “If you want to be productive,” she says, “you need to let go of the notion of being a perfectionist. Nothing in life is perfect.” Second, they refuse to become distracted: If an action is not moving toward a targeted goal or a purpose, then stop doing it and redirect, she says. Third, they refuse to let other people’s negativity drag them down, and fourth, they refuse to allow others to make their decisions. “Productive people decide for themselves not only what they want, but what they need and how they will proceed.”

Other don’ts that Daskal recommends to those seeking to increase their productivity: Don’t let previous failures hold you back — past missteps should serve as stepping stones on a path to success. Don’t give mental space to self-limiting thoughts, which means shedding the belief that you either can’t have it or do not deserve it. Don’t succumb to the idea that what you want is impossible. The most successful people, she says, know that “impossible only means that you haven’t yet found the right answer.” Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed — this may mean changing your focus and concentrating on being productive, and not simply busy. Finally, Daskal urges, don’t ever stop learning, developing and growing.
Inc. Magazine (05/01/16) Daskal, Molly
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