The Competitive Advantage Everyone Can Affect
Former Navy SEAL and author of Navigating Chaos: How to Find Certainty in Uncertain Situations, Jeff Boss writes that, without trust, professional relationships suffer and, ultimately, the organization can be affected. Because people work more effectively with those who they like, know and trust, “Trust is the only competitive advantage that every leader and employee can affect at every level,” Boss says.

Here are three ways an individual can make trust work as a competitive advantage. The first is to remember that how you show up for the moment — any moment — is a choice that affects your reputation, and therefore, your brand. The reputation you have is often determined by your demeanor, which plays a part in what compels others to pursue you — or not. For example, are you always eager and enthusiastic, or angry and grumpy? The second is to leverage the fact that trust fuels inquiry. When you trust another person’s competence, you tend to want to know more about them, their achievements and their experiences. This kind of mutual curiosity and inquiry among trusted individuals sparks innovation. The third is to recognize that trust fuels leadership effectiveness. The best way for leaders to build trust is to extend it to other people by sharing knowledge and information. Doing so puts others in a powerful position to communicate, make decisions and act.
Forbes (04/15/16) Boss, Jeff
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