1 Habit That Will Remarkably Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
Those who possess a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ) can make great board members and volunteer leaders. According to author Justin Bariso, EQ involves the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions and, as with any ability, it can be taught, learned and honed in order to produce desirable results. There is one action, he says, that can contribute the most to a person’s EQ: “the pause.” Easy in theory, but perhaps more difficult in practice, mastering “the pause” means you are taking the time to think first.

When faced with conflict or the need to make a high-stakes decision, here are some tips for employing the pause. First, stop and resist the urge to respond or take immediate action. Second, take a long, deep breath. Third, take a walk, if possible. Most people’s initial thoughts in a difficult or tense situation tend to be self-centered, and that is both natural and completely acceptable, Bariso says. But as soon as possible, try to focus your thinking on others and ask such questions as “Why did the other person act that way?” and “What negative consequences might there be if I act out or make an impulsive decision?” Other helpful questions to consider: “How will I feel about this decision in a week? A month? A year?” and “How will the people I’m close to feel about the consequences of this decision?” Finally, Bariso says, it can also be helpful to write down your thoughts, and list out the benefits of pausing before acting in a given situation.
LinkedIn (04/03/16) Bariso, Justin
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