Six Habits of People Who Accomplish Everything on Their To-Do Lists
People who are able to regularly complete their daily to-dos on the actual day they intended to finish them offer six habits that help them do so. First, these successful people know their work styles. Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate CEO Sherry Chris shared that she gets a head start on her daily tasks by planning the night before. She also rises very early each morning, specifically to tend to social media so that it does not become a big distraction later in the day. The second habit is knowing precisely how long each task will take. To avoid being surprised by the time necessary to complete a task, it might be wise to use a time management app or just a good old-fashioned pen and paper to look at how long you are spending on individual tasks each day. Third, look at the to-do list within the context of each day. Debbie Good, clinical assistant professor of business at the University of Pittsburgh's Katz Graduate School of Business, teaches time management to her MBA students. She regularly advises them to map out each day according to the time limitations they have, so the various tasks can be tackled and completed within the appropriate time windows.

Fourth, those who regularly finish their to-do lists each day also often have a “just enough” list. That is, within each overall list they have identified some items that absolutely have to get done. Such items should also be prioritized. Once those are completed, attention can be given to other tasks with the knowledge that the most important things have been finished. Fifth, know how to build momentum. For some, the smartest way to complete a to-do list each day is to line up a few of the simpler tasks first, so one gets a feeling of accomplishment and momentum very early in the day. Finally, “delegate and delete.” The best to-do list finishers recognize the things on their lists that can be delegated, outsourced, delayed or deleted altogether.
Fast Company (11/01/15) Moran, Gwen
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