Using Social Media to Make First Contact with Target Audiences
A recent AARP study shows that the Internet can be a powerful tool for making first contact with potential members, advocates and other target audiences, eventually leading to increased levels of engagement. According to the research, social media users are more likely to be active in volunteer membership organizations, with 82 percent taking part in groups versus 75 percent of Americans overall. The study also showed the success of using photos, videos and stories to propel social media users to further action and engagement.

One such success story is the American Red Cross, which uses its Team Red Cross app to enable potential volunteers to watch videos of the organization’s work and take quizzes. Users of these tools are then notified of volunteer opportunities in their respective areas. Additionally, the hunger relief organization Feeding America encourages its existing Facebook fans to share posts that promote a particular petition or raise awareness about an issue related to hunger. Lindsey Iero, Feeding America’s director of digital engagement, concluded, “We’re constantly thinking about what the consumer journey looks like and how we can continue to build and deepen the relationship.”
CQ Roll Call (06/08/15) Travis, Helen Anne
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