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Do Not Wait to Start New Relationships in Washington, D.C.
By Michael L. Payne, Executive Vice President, SmithBucklin

Representing the interests of your members to Congress is a powerful way for an association to deliver powerful member value. And timing could not be better. If your organization’s board of directors does not have established connections with key decision makers in Washington D.C., spring 2015 is a perfect time to start...
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Body of Knowledge Documents Provide Focus and Increase Value
For members of nonprofit professional associations, very few benefits rank higher than education. Furthermore, education is often one of the best ways for an association to differentiate itself from competing organizations. Some associations are taking advantage of these demands by leveraging body of knowledge (BOK) efforts to focus and drive their educational programs...
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Use Digital Channels and Technology to Enhance Member Engagement
Member engagement is a never-ending objective for all nonprofit associations, and it requires constant honing in order to remain effective. Capitalizing on on-site engagement opportunities at events can be very rewarding, but time is limited and the more attendees involved, the more difficult it is for direct interaction. In order to create a year-round approach to membership engagement, boards need to go beyond face-to-face engagement and leverage digital channels and technology. By doing so, they can extend their reach exponentially in both numbers and depth...
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Operating Models That Convert Strategy to Results
Redesigning an organization's operating model may be one of the wisest investments leadership can make to realize growth objectives. The best operating models ensure that organizational structure, accountabilities and governance – along with the right people, processes and technology – all work together to support strategic priorities...
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Know the Difference Between Change and Transformation
Ron Ashkenas, a managing partner of Schaffer Consulting, observes that many organizations have failed to grasp the difference between change and transformation. In the Harvard Business Review he writes, "While we've actually come a long way in learning how to manage change, we continue to struggle with transformation...
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