Stay Connected With Former Board Members
Nonprofit boards and management are finding great value in keeping past board members active within their organizations. One way to accomplish this goal is invite them to serve on committees, where they can still offer important perspectives and expertise. In addition, association events are an excellent way to keep former board members engaged. When sending event invitations, personalize them and include brief notes to former board members saying "hello" and "thanks again for serving on our board." This personal touch lets the former board member know they are remembered and that their presence at the event is welcomed and desired. For past board members who attend such events, offer them "former board member" nametags that can serve as conversation starters and increase their activity at the event.

Another idea is to send an annual update to all former board members. They will appreciate the attention directed specifically at them and be more likely to continue to contribute. For organizations that communicate with former board members via direct mail, make sure the correspondence is personalized and mentions the individual’s former position. Finally, one last way to keep former board members active is to hold an annual gathering solely for them where they can ask questions of management and get updates on the organization's mission and future activities.
Nonprofit Quarterly (11/05/14) Joyaux, Simone
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