Connect People to Your Message Through Storytelling
Suzanne Skees’ article offers seven steps on how to tell effective stories that will make people connect with your message. The first step is to set a goal and create a list of possible stories that help achieve that objective. Such a list can vary from as little as three stories to as many as 20 or 30 that the leader can call on when delivering a speech or one-on-one conversation. Step two: Be sure to tell the whole story, including the good, the bad and the ugly (within reason, of course). By doing so, your stories come across as more genuine and memorable. Step three: If you are bringing word of your mission to a new region, demographic or specific audience, be aware of its idiosyncrasies and structure your messaging accordingly. Step four: Know that there is no such thing as a general audience. You are always speaking to individuals. Step five: Audiences generally respond when the speaker provides sensory details. In listening to a story, audience members want to have a sense that they are inside the tale. It's up to the speaker to provide that context. The sixth step is to establish rapport. This can be accomplished by injecting humor into one's presentation. The final step, Skees said: "'Connective tissue' is the secret sauce to all of our stories. In each story, we [must] try to find the human element."
Huffington Post (10/06/14) Skees, Suzanne
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