Boards of Directors Need More Diversity and Youth
Because the modern world is one of constant evolution and innovation, today's boards of directors must be able to embrace change and constantly review and be trained in the latest trends and practices, especially in regard to technology. Board members must now make decisions and sign off on plans and initiatives that will impact future generations of staff, clients, shareholders, members and communities. Those decisions often involve the use of technology as a key, strategic ingredient. Speaking to the composition of the modern day board, columnist David Eldon said, "We need more creativity, more innovation and a voice from the people who are going to be affected by the decisions [made] at board level." He also believes strongly in the need to develop young talent in the boardroom.

Social networking, involving everything from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Pinterest, is a rapidly developing area that must be addressed. Eldon urges using experts to talk to board members about such technology. However, it is no substitute for having a director(s) there with relevant expertise. Today's boards often include representatives from the fields of accounting and the legal profession who share their wisdom and provide an informed opinion when needed. "Therefore," Eldon concludes, "in the attainment of broadening the accumulated wisdom of our boards, we need a boost from the tech-savvy younger generation. I would suggest this is a new priority."
Forbes (03/05/14) Eldon, David
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