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“I find something of value in each month's Board Forward. The articles are well-written and highly relevant to my role as a non-profit board member.”
—Claudia Zacharias,
President & CEO, BOC
Board Member, Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)

The Emerging Association Renaissance
Associations are at an inflection point. According to Don Neal, president and CEO of 360 Live Media, the conditions are in place to drive associations toward a renaissance, a new Golden Era, where associations will have an even greater relevancy within their fields...
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What’s Your Story?
At its heart, an association is the people it serves. In the case of the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD), it is the practitioners who facilitate emergency response simulations to save lives in a crisis, who teach critical skills like how to read electrocardiograms (EKGs)...
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Tips to Weather an Industry Downturn
The U.S. economy is in the midst of a historic growth run, but economists are concerned a downturn is possibly on the horizon. From the perspective of associations, while not all industries and professions might be affected by slowed economic growth, it’s wise to be prepared...
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Myths Preventing You From Delegating Effectively
Leaders sometimes feel so much pressure to get things done quickly and correctly that it can be difficult to delegate tasks and trust that others will achieve them the right way. Therefore, many are reluctant to delegate...
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How to Demonstrate Your Strategic Thinking Skills
Good strategic thinking skills are crucial for board members as they must weigh various factors on important issues that impact their association and its industry or profession...
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What Boards Need to Know About Gen Z

With the oldest members of Generation Z now moving into the workforce, it’s important for association boards to know the unique traits of this cohort so strategies can be developed to attract this generation to associations. What’s becoming clear is that this generation is very different from Millennials.

The 6 Rs of Events: A Framework for Success

For many associations, the annual meeting or event is a barometer for the health of the organization. When the annual meeting is healthy and strong, the association generally is, too. When it is struggling to meet its objectives, the association is probably underperforming as well.

How to Increase Membership Engagement Using Data

For many associations, nothing is more important than member engagement. Marketing General Inc.’s (MGI) 2018 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report revealed that lack of engagement with the association is the number one reason members don’t renew. But how does an association identify and measure member engagement?


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