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“I find something of value in each month's Board Forward. The articles are well-written and highly relevant to my role as a non-profit board member.”
—Claudia Zacharias,
President & CEO, BOC
Board Member, Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
To date, more than 400 CEOs from many of the world’s leading companies have become members of an organization called CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace...
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Take the Lead on Thought Leadership
By Jason Meyers, Senior Director of Content Strategy, SmithBucklin

The internet changed everything about publishing. It forever altered the frequency with which news and information could be delivered, the methods with which content could be presented, and even the role and perceived value of advertising. But the expansion of information to the internet did something else...
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How Awards Programs Can Advance Your Mission
Association awards programs can be an effective way to further the strategic mission of the organization and boost its visibility. The Clinical Research Forum (Forum) — which promotes understanding and support for clinical research and its impact on health and healthcare — completely revamped its awards program with these goals in mind...
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Blind Spots That Plague Even the Best Leaders
Even the best decision makers have blind spots. The most successful among us learn how to correct the ones that can hurt us. The article's author details five common weaknesses and offers suggestions on how to manage them. The first is overestimating strategic ability...
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Take Your Strategy into High Gear
Research suggests that there are several specific shifts that can dramatically improve the quality of an organization's strategic dialogue and the resulting outcomes. First, start to look at strategy as a journey and not part of some set annual plan. Second, during discussion about strategy, reframe the deliberations as a choice-making exercise instead of a plan-making one...
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Is Your Board the Right Size?

Earlier this year, the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA) appointed a governance task force to examine how the association is functioning. One of its charges was to look at the size of the board. Was it the right size for maximum efficiency?

The Board Member Recruiting Challenge

Finding and recruiting new members to serve on the board is not only one of the most important responsibilities of an association's board of directors – it's also one of the most challenging.

The Language of Loyalty

The pricing of memberships, products and services is one of the most challenging issues associations face today, especially in a world in which anyone can comparison shop almost instantly using any one of several devices.


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