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“I find something of value in each month's Board Forward. The articles are well-written and highly relevant to my role as a non-profit board member.”
—Claudia Zacharias,
President & CEO, BOC
Board Member, Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)

How to Increase Membership Engagement Using Data
For many associations, nothing is more important than member engagement. Marketing General Inc.’s (MGI) 2018 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report revealed that lack of engagement with the association is the number one reason members don’t renew...
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Questions Boards Should Ask About Risk Management
For an association, risk management is about making sure the organization is protected from occurrences that could prevent it from fulfilling its mission or cause financial hardship or loss in reputation...
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7 Tips for Successful Board Meetings
Every board member has probably attended a board meeting that was too long and unproductive. They’ve also probably participated in a meeting that was stimulating, energizing, and fruitful. How does one avoid the former and achieve the latter?...
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How (Not) to Change Someone's Mind
In this day and age, it can be hard — in some cases, seemingly impossible — to change someone else's mind when debating a topic. When all else fails, there are two tactics that really seem to work. One is encouraging people to engage in perspective taking — i.e., putting themselves in someone else's shoes...
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What Makes Some People More Productive Than Others
Last year, Harvard Business Review published a survey to help professionals assess their own personal productivity. The research focused on seven habits: developing daily routines, planning your schedule, coping with messages, getting a lot done, running effective meetings, honing communication skills, and delegating tasks to others...
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Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

To date, more than 400 CEOs from many of the world's leading companies have become members of an organization called CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Launched last June, the organization developed a CEO Action Pledge, which outlines a specific set of values.

The Essential Role of the Chief Elected Officer

The role of chief elected officer for a volunteer-governed organization is referred to as president or chair in an association's bylaws. A chief elected officer is analogous to chairman of the board of directors of a corporation.

How to Effectively Onboard New Board Members

Serving on an association's board of directors can be overwhelming for those who are not adequately prepared. Beyond the gravity of making decisions that could impact an entire profession or industry, board members play a specific, complex role within an association.


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