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“Board Forward is a must-read for volunteer board members in any industry or profession. Current issues explore matters of direct relevance to boards, and the Board Forward archives are a rich source of useful information on literally hundreds of different board-oriented topics.”
—Kristen L. Straka, DNP, RN, CPN, NEA-BC
2016-2018 President, Society of Pediatric Nurses

A Guide to Board Behavior and Decision-Making
Many associations adopt a set of principles — often called a code of conduct, a statement of expectations, or something similar — designed to guide the board’s decision-making and behavior. Boards develop such guides to instill trust in the integrity of the board and reinforce board members’ commitment to the values of the association...
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A Risk-Based Approach to Managing Reserves
In one sense, managing reserves is about stability — having enough to handle unexpected operating expenses, or providing an extra financial cushion to cover for down years. Reserves also help ensure sustainability, helping associations keep up with new technologies, demographic shifts, developments in the labor force, legislative and regulatory changes, shifting competitive landscapes, or cultural and lifestyle trends...
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Are You Prepared for a Crisis?
Devastating hurricanes in recent months have caused more associations to consider how ready they are for an emergency. While responding to a crisis is primarily a staff function, board members, as stewards of the association, need to know if the organization is prepared. Here are some questions they should be asking...
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To Sound Like a Leader, Think About What You Say
Learning how to develop and convey a more strategic voice when communicating with others in the organization is important for leaders. What you say, when you say it, how you say it, to whom you say it, and whether you say it in the proper context are critical components for tapping into your full potential as a leader...
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Humor Is Serious Business
Research collected by Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Jennifer Aaker and lecturer Naomi Bagdonas suggests that men and women fall off a "humor cliff" — both in laugh frequency and self-perceptions of funniness — around the time they enter the labor force...
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Is Your Board the Right Size?

Earlier this year, the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA) appointed a governance task force to examine how the association is functioning. One of its charges was to look at the size of the board. Was it the right size for maximum efficiency?

The Board Member Recruiting Challenge

Finding and recruiting new members to serve on the board is not only one of the most important responsibilities of an association's board of directors – it's also one of the most challenging.

The Language of Loyalty

The pricing of memberships, products and services is one of the most challenging issues associations face today, especially in a world in which anyone can comparison shop almost instantly using any one of several devices.


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