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“I find something of value in each month's Board Forward. The articles are well-written and highly relevant to my role as a non-profit board member.”
—Claudia Zacharias,
President & CEO, BOC
Board Member, Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)

The Key to Attracting Volunteer Leaders
Attracting qualified volunteers to serve in leadership roles on boards and committees is a challenge for many associations. Approximately 36 percent of association executives and 52 percent of board chairs said it was either difficult or very difficult to find volunteer board members, according to the 2017 Leading with Intent survey from BoardSource...
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Best Business Books for Board Members
Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year, most of them nonfiction books about history, cultural/societal trends, business, and topics that wrestle with the big questions of our time. “Reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding,” Gates told The New York Times recently. In fact, most leaders are avid readers...
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The Vocabulary of Strategy and Planning
Volunteer leaders bring an abundance of experience and knowledge to boards and committees and it is this diversity that can transform an industry, elevate a profession, or help cure a disease. In the board room, diversity of experience can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Sometimes, the same words are used to refer to different things or are adjusted to mean something different. Clarifying important terminology is the first step to ensure everyone is on the same page when discussing strategic matters...
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Leading Agile Transformation
In order to survive and thrive in today’s environment, many organizations are now focusing on becoming more agile. What sets agile organizations apart from traditional ones? For one, they are able to thrive in unpredictable, rapidly changing environments. In addition, they are both stable and dynamic, and they embrace uncertainty and ambiguity...
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Overcome Biases and Blind Spots in Decision Making
The best decision makers actively counter the unconscious and hidden biases that hold them and their organizations back. The author details several steps for doing that, starting with "increase self-awareness...
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Reflections on National Volunteer Week

There were many moments of heroism in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey last fall in Houston, but one in particular stood out to me. You may remember the video. A group of about 15 people locked hands to create a human lifeline to rescue a man trapped in his SUV, which was submerged in the floodwaters.

A Guide to Board Behavior and Decision-Making

Many associations adopt a set of principles - often called a code of conduct, a statement of expectations, or something similar - designed to guide the board's decision-making and behavior. Boards develop such guides to instill trust in the integrity of the board and reinforce board members' commitment to the values of the association.

Engagement: The Other Element of Growth

In one sense, membership growth is about finding new members to join an association. In another, it's about retaining members that are already in the association.


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